Oct 24, 2015

Fashion Speak

Detroit's elite fashionistas gathered together for this year's Fashion Speak conference. Bloggers, buyers, designers, and even students were in attendance to listen to fashion's up and coming. Speakers included Taubman staff, Buyer: Roslyn Karaoke, Banker: Kim Banat, Production Manager: Kristen Deryck, and Designer: Kevan Hall. This eventful day was filled with insight on how to make it in this competitive industry.
CMU fashion students: Jordan & Kaitlyn                     Bruna of StyleMile & Dana of Closet Confessional                  
                                                                                     CMU student: Kaylin Hagerman
Obviously channeling Alexa Chung... Hard and soft is my favorite combination.
My Look
Dress: Topshop// Jacket: Forever 21 // Shoes: Target 


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