Sep 17, 2014

Cheetah Girls.

"Cheetah sisters, we stand together." If those lyrics aren't familiar, the intro to this post isn't going to make much sense. However, I thought since I was styling a cheetah coat this fall; I'd reference my favorite girl band. Obviously this was middle school me, who was still obsessed with all things Limited Too and High School Musical. My mom knowing this got me tickets to see the Cheetah girls, my 5th-grade year. And Yes, it was a fabulous. Although I outgrew the Cheetah Girls, I didn't outgrow cheetah print. However, my opinion is take it in moderation. So moving on to the outfit. On top I'm wearing a cozy ribbed sweater from Express. On top of that, my boyfriend coat from Nordstrom's. For pants, I usually resort to my faux leather leggings from Express. They still have the legging feel, but look a lot more put together. Lastly, my boots are by Vince Camuto. So there's the outfit! Although it's quite simple, it looks put together and stylish.
I have lots of new content coming very soon. :)

Sep 16, 2014

Brrr… It's cold out.

 I'm not into the cold. As much as I love everything about fall, I do not appreciate the dropping temperature. In Michigan, it seems as if summer goes straight into winter. I already need my winter coat. Anyways I'm wearing a plain gray v-neck from Target. I've probably talked about it multiple times, but a plain t-shirt is my best friend. They go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Over the shirt, I'm wearing a knit cardigan from American Eagle. Then on top of that I'm wearing a olive green parka from Hollister. Layering is a key to fall and winter, especially if you leave in a colder climate, like me. My jeans are my favorite part of this outfit. I'm wearing these distressed gray skinny jeans from American Eagle. Honestly, these jeans are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. They stretch in all the right places, as well as stay fitted all day through. My favorite pair of shoes of the moment, just happen to be on my feet. They are leather boots from Asos. Lastly my accessories, they don't change much. My gold Alex and Ani bracelets are a go to, as well as my Fossil watch. I paired these with my gold statement necklace from Urban. As well as my Michael Kors purse which never leaves my side. This is my idea of an ideal fall outfit.


Aug 27, 2014

College Life. Staples.

 I admit this picture was taken before college, but in my defense taking OOTD pictures during college is a hectic experience. However blogging is a different story. I mean I should probably be reading chapter one of my communication book, but homework can wait right?…. haha. Anyways enough on college, on to the outfit. My blouse is from Ann Taylor Loft. It was purchased along with a bunch of back to school goodies. Including the black jeans I'm wearing from Pac Sun. My favorite part of this outfit though, are the studded sandals inspired by Birkenstocks. I've gotten numerous compliments on these shoes plus they are so comfortable. My accessories usually stay quite consistent. My leather Michael Kors bag and gold Fossil watch are my go to grabs. They go well with my whole wardrobe, so I would consider them staples in my closet. As a student, I think staples are important, especially because you can only bring so much to college. So relying on key pieces that go well with multiple things is essential. Well it looks like that is the end of my outfit. I'm going to try and post frequently throughout college but I'm not making any promises. I always seem to break them:p

Thanks for reading

May 13, 2014

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

 Recently, the sun has made an appearence in the mitten. However, the temperatures skipped spring and went high 70s this past week. But hey I'm not complaining. Anything beats that cold winter snow. So, bring on the sun. This past mothers day, was extremely gorgeous. It felt great outside, perfect for shorts, tanks, and finally crop tops. Unfortunately this OOTD doesn't include that. Instead, it features an alternative way to dress up without wearing the same dress heels combo which has been over wore too many times. So starting with the top, I'm wearing a floral blouse from the store Gliks. I paired this top with these professional high waisted shorts from Express. I wouldn't normally pair flowy pieces together, but because the blouse was slightly cropped it looked great. The shoes I chose are little grey booties, I think they pull this look all together. My accessories include my favorite gold toned watch from Fossil as well as my Michael Kors purse, which happens to be one of my favorites at the moment. Also pictured are the flowers which happened to appear outside my house, they only bloom for about a week or so, but are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers reminded me of the print which appears on my blouse. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

-Coco Chanel
I thought this quote went along perfectly for the flowers. Since they are a piece of art which makes up our world. 

I hope you all enjoy this post. I hopefully will be updating everyone very soon. Thanks for reading.

-xoxo Lex

Mar 12, 2014


Guess who doesn't have school… this girl. Unfortunately, it's because yet away Michigan has received an endless about of snow. However a couple days ago, it actually warmed up to 40 degrees and I figured it was a great day to wear a dress. Although I still froze, I can't complain, 40 is so much better than a 20 degrees which is usually Michigan's normal temp. Enough about the weather, here I'm wearing my mint lace dress from Urban Outfitters. I've actually had this dress for a good two years so I figured why not show it off. Over my dress I'm wear my leather jacket, what a surprise! I think the real question is when am I not wearing this jacket. My accessories include my lovely gold Fossil watch that I received as a Christmas present and my gold plated belt from Asos. For shoes I'm wearing my favorite boots from Vince Camuto. They are really versatile and go with practical everything in my closet. Also if you guys didn't notice from my previous blog post, I cut my hair. I finally decided to hop on the band wagon. I'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair at the moment and figured why not cut my hair short. I think short hair is really chic right now. I especially love ombre in short hair but I might wait until after graduation to make that transition! 


Mar 11, 2014

Black. Leather. Crop. Essential.

 As much as I would like to pretend it's warming up in Michigan, I can't get past the 10 degree weather. It's actually suppose to snow tonight, I don't know where we are going to put it! Although I don't look too cold, trust me I am. Cropped pants and a leather jacket are not "Michigan" winter essentials. But fashion is pain right? haha Anyways in todays OOTD I'm wearing my favorite Express leather jacket. A leather jacket is a must for every girl's closet, it adds just enough edge! Under my jacket I'm wearing a comfy plain white tee, add that to your closet too. I buy my tees from Nordstrom because they wash up really well and aren't too pricey! On to bottoms, I'm wearing these comfy cropped pants from Gliks. I actually got a job at Gliks before winter break and have been working there ever since! My high tops  are from Guess, recently I've found myself wearing them quite a lot.  Lastly sunglasses complete the whole look. This outfit was super simple and comfy yet looks edgy and chic!


Jan 4, 2014

Winter break… Christmas. New Years. Celebrate.

As you can tell, I have a large assortment of photos to update you guys with. The past two weeks have been extremely relaxing yet busy. It's nice being able to take a chill day, sipping coffee and checking every inch of social media. However, when I wasn't lounging around I spent my break surround by some of my favorite people including my best friends, family members, and college friends I missed. The two lovely ladies photographed above are my closest friends. They are both extremely talented individuals and are going to make an impact on the world. Lily, the blonde, and I are actually going to be working together in the near future. We have a project that we would love to put to work. Hopefully that will be appearing Spring 2014. Anyways both these photo shoots were shot over my time off from school. The first photos are actually from Christmas Eve. We took a few photos and departed separate ways to celebrate the holiday with our family members. The outfit I wore Christmas Eve was a beautiful dress from Free People which I've had my eyes on for what seems like forever. I finally caved and bought it… Shopaholic problems. It probably does not help that I work in a clothing store. The urges to buy are even stronger because I'm surrounded by clothing all the time. When I'm not busy I find time to shop for myself. If that doesn't prove I have a shopping problem, I don't know what will. This Christmas was wonderful, I think my favorite part was my brother's reaction when he opened up his very own iMac. My favorite gift however has to be my fossil watch. It will soon be making its grand appearance on my blog. I've actually posted some photos on my instagram…@lexloulovesyou. Speaking of instagram, it is my addiction. I literally instagram my life, which probably isn't the safest thing but I live in the face of danger. (That sounds incredibly dumb… I'm sorry for my attempt to make you guys laugh). Overall Christmas was fab.
Now the holiday that follows is New Years Eve. I'm still throughly mad at myself for not photographing my outfit with my dslr. However if you wanna check out what my friends and I wore, those photos are on instagram… how surprising. For New Years I had a party… slightly Gatsby themed at my house. I say sightly because Lily and I were the only ones who actually coordinated with Gatsby. I might have forget to give everyone else the memo… oops. Anyways we turned my basement into a club, well we attempted. I strung christmas lights everywhere and turned up the bass speakers listened to Doses and Mimosas and we had a party. When it was time to watch the ball drop, we somehow made the mistake of watching the 2013 ball drop. Another oops. But granted it was still a great night. We started the New Year by watching Clueless. Which obviously was my choice. Gotta start the new year off right.

Hope you enjoyed my little update on all things winter break. I will surely be back to the swing of things this year. One of my new years resolution is posting more. Hope I can keep this one.
Thanks for reading,

xoxo Lex

In order of appearance:

Lily's Outfits:
Dress: Free People
Boots: Steven Madden
Shirt: Aerie
Skirt: Topshop
Hat: Express

Monica's Outfit:
Dress: Forever 21

My Outfit:
Dress: Free People
Boots: Macys
Dress: Forever 21
Studded Belt: Asos
Hat: Topshop

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