Sep 17, 2014

Cheetah Girls.

"Cheetah sisters, we stand together." If those lyrics aren't familiar, the intro to this post isn't going to make much sense. However, I thought since I was styling a cheetah coat this fall; I'd reference my favorite girl band. Obviously this was middle school me, who was still obsessed with all things Limited Too and High School Musical. My mom knowing this got me tickets to see the Cheetah girls, my 5th-grade year. And Yes, it was a fabulous. Although I outgrew the Cheetah Girls, I didn't outgrow cheetah print. However, my opinion is take it in moderation. So moving on to the outfit. On top I'm wearing a cozy ribbed sweater from Express. On top of that, my boyfriend coat from Nordstrom's. For pants, I usually resort to my faux leather leggings from Express. They still have the legging feel, but look a lot more put together. Lastly, my boots are by Vince Camuto. So there's the outfit! Although it's quite simple, it looks put together and stylish.
I have lots of new content coming very soon. :)

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