Jan 21, 2013

Best friend tag :)

The other day I filmed the best friend tag with one of my Best friends Monica, you can follow her at @monicabradburn on twitter! She is hilarious and the fine lady I attended the All Time Low concert with :) If you wanna hear about our wonderful time, I did a blog post http://lexswonderland.blogspot.com/2013/01/concert.html about the night. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the best friend tag and if you would like to hear more from me on Youtube just let me know, I'd love to film more videos. :)

Do any of you girls or guys have Youtube channels? I'd love to check you out and subscribe!

Watch in 720HD or above :)


Jan 20, 2013

Concert Attire

 Concert Attire. This is what I wore to the All Time Low concert a few nights ago. I wanted something pretty light because concerts can get hot, really fast. I wore my Ramones tank from Forever 21, I love how it has the accent of cheetah print with the black and white. I paired this top with high-waisted shorts from Topshop. The cool thing about these shorts are they aren't too high, they fit my waisted perfectly. Underneath, I wore sheer black tights, I thought that was sorta necessary since it is winter. It's kinda hard too see but I'm wearing my black studded combat boots, these are definitely one of my stable pieces, I have wore them to death. For accessories I'm wearing a few different pieces. I'm going to post a blog post soon about accessories I have been loving, which includes a lot of skulls, no surprise. :p Anyways my bracelets are form an assortment of places, Gliks, Windsor, and Claires. I'm also wearing a cross necklace which isn't very visible in the picture, that is from Gliks as well. I wore my leather jacket from Express to the concert, but had to take it off because it got so warm. I felt this outfit was perfect for the All Time Low concert, however I advise you to wear a little more clothes if you know you will be waiting in a line outside, that was my mistake. Layers are always the best choice. :)

I hope you liked my concert apparel post! I'd love to have more themed posts because I feel they could help someone going to a similar occasion. What would you wear to an indoor concert? btw if you would like to hear my concert experience check out my http://lexswonderland.blogspot.com/2013/01/concert.html  post where I explain everything in detail. Thanks<3



 Yesterday, January 32nd, I witnessed one of my favorite bands live, All Time Low. It was fabulous :P Anyways this was my second time seeing them preform, over the summer I saw them at warped but it was a whole different experience. Lemme just explain the whole story, (btw if you don't wanna hear this long-drawn out story I'm going to have a separate post on what I'm wearing) the day of the concert I had a half day at my school, I was extremely thankful because it gave us, aka my friend Monica (pictured above) and I enough time to get really ready. However we skipped the getting ready part till we arrived at the hotel. The concert was at the Orbit room in Grand Rapids so it was a little far from my town, we thought it would be best to just stay the night in a hotel. After hours of riding in the car, we checked into our hotel. This is the part where we got ready :) Once we were all dressed up, we snapped a few pics and drove to the venue, which was right around the corner... we did get lost though and had to stop in Menards for directions, people looked at us like we were crazy, probably because I was wearing shorts in 10 degree weather. Once we arrived at the venue it was 6:30, the concert started at 7. The line crossed the entire parking lot, it was huge... And the horrible thing was I had to wait in the freezing "Michigan" cold till they opened the doors at 7:10. Luckily I had a blanket, but I was still frozen. As we entered the building I worried they would take away our camera, cause supposedly you aren't allowed to bring "professional" cameras but we hid it in our bag and nobody noticed. The concert was standing only, so it was kinda like a first come first serve. Monica and I were towards the middle, in between some nice smelling guys when Fireworks started playing. That was the opener, they were pretty good but I wasn't familiar with there lyrics and they kinda looked really old... not to offend any of their fans! They only played a couple of songs then Yellowcard started. I know one or two of their songs but like I said before, I came for All Time Low. I never thought Yellowcard would end, they played practically the longest set possible. I also realized there were a lot of Yellowcard fans there, especially ones who loved to mosh. If you don't know all this concert lingo search it up, it's something I try to say away from because I'm not the toughest girl:p. By the time All Time Low started there was a lot pushing going on, but we managed to get up to the front. We were surprisingly really close and it made the whole concert experience even better. All Time Low was hilarious on stage, I love how they really interact with their audience. They had everyone chanting and screaming and having a wonderful time. After their set ended they came back on for an encore, where they played a few of my favorite songs! Alex and Jack are definitely my favorite, probably because they are the most entertaining:) Once the concert ended we bought some merch and headed back to the hotel. We stopped at Wendys to grab some food and they DIDN'T HAVE FROSTYS! How can Wendys not have frostys....? After that disappointment we got back to the hotel room and collapsed, we were both exhausted from such a wonderful night. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my concert experience:) I would to hear yours, well if you attended any recently! I'd love to hear what you are listening to as well, I'm trying to expand my music tastes and other opinions really help.


Jan 6, 2013

New Year. New Resolutions. 2013.

 New year resolutions 2013

This year will be different than most, I'm going to put more effort into the things I love and waste less time dwelling on the little things. And by little things I mean the stuff that I waste time with, that stress me out to the full extreme. I just want to be focused on things I really do enjoy. That's why this year making resolutions seemed so important to me... hopefully I can keep them. I realize one of the last resolutions is more like a goal, but I figured if I wrote it down I'd be one step closer to it. :) By the way this picture above is my journal, it's where I wrote down my thoughts and ideas and just random things I feel I should remember.

1. Live a healthier lifestyle.
-Eat better. (Less sweets and more veggies)
-Exercise a few days a week (Preferably running/walking)
-Stop being lazy (Wasting hours on end on twitter... NO MORE)
-Do yoga every Sunday morning. If possible a few times a week.

I actually proud of myself, today, (which is Sunday) I went to this little yoga place in my town, I signed up and took a class. The class was called Slow Flow and was supposedly for beginners, I however thought differently. Yoga is a lot harder than it looks, I did enjoy it though.

2. Pursue what I want to do. Don't let the fear of others interfere.

In the past, I let others opinions shape what I did and didn't do. This year I will be doing more for myself. I don't mean that in a selfish way, but you can't live off of someone else's happiness. Sometimes you have to do what you want. For instance, I was always afraid to make a blog or a Youtube channel  because I worried if people at my school saw. What would they think? This past year 2012 I grew and let opinions not effect me too much. This year they won't effect me at all.

3. Further educate myself on things I want to continue; like blogging, design, photography, Youtube, etc. Take a class on things I'd love to learn about, cooking, cake decorating, DIY, etc.

I think education is extremely important. When I say that I don't mean pre-calc or chemistry. Personally I'd be happier without having to take those two classes. I think everyone should be educated on things they love to do, it only makes them better.

4. Attend Teen Vogue Fashion University

Like I said before this resolution is more of a goal. Last year I was accepted into Teen Vogue Fashion U, it's basically a big conference that's held for a few days in New Year City. They accept students, 16-20 (something) who are interested in the Fashion world. When you arrive you take a few classes with speakers like Michael Kors, Amy Astley, etc. who teach you about fashion and it's different aspects. Anyways when I recieved my acceptance letter last fall, it got mixed in with my spam mall and I didn't see it until a little bit later. When I tried to register for classes it said that they were all full. :( I was pretty upset but I plan on applying this year and making sure I check my email and spam EVERYDAY! Hopefully I get accepted!

These are my 2013 resolutions, what are yours? I'd love to hear what you chose! :)

-xoxo Lex

Jan 5, 2013

Bleeding Love

 Today's look is Bleeding Love, I wore this Christmas day when I went to the movies with my whole family. We have a tradition that ever year on Christmas day, my parents, brother, and grandparents go to the theater and see whatever is coming out that day. We chose Les Misérables, I personally loved this movie however it was kinda long and there was ALOT of singing. Anyways, I was looking for something comfy yet cute to wear and decided on... what I'm wearing. My top I actually got from my mom for Christmas, I'm pretty positive it's from Gliks. I love the Chanel logo on the front but the back is probably my favorite part. I kinda have an obsession with backless things, however that doesn't work out well because Michigan is always freezing! My leggings are super comfy and from Express along with my fur vest. The funny thing about the vest is when I was in Express one day, I found this olive green jacket that I fell in love with, the vest was attached inside. I didn't realize until recently that you can actually remove the vest from the coat to wear individually... silly me. My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the purple hat. Mine is from Forever 21 and kinda reminds me of the one sold at Topshop, which is the one I originally wanted. Lastly my shoes are lace-up Sperrys, and my spiky ring is from Gliks.

What do you think of my Christmas day outfit? If you have any questions be sure to let me know? :)

-xoxo Lex

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