Jan 6, 2013

New Year. New Resolutions. 2013.

 New year resolutions 2013

This year will be different than most, I'm going to put more effort into the things I love and waste less time dwelling on the little things. And by little things I mean the stuff that I waste time with, that stress me out to the full extreme. I just want to be focused on things I really do enjoy. That's why this year making resolutions seemed so important to me... hopefully I can keep them. I realize one of the last resolutions is more like a goal, but I figured if I wrote it down I'd be one step closer to it. :) By the way this picture above is my journal, it's where I wrote down my thoughts and ideas and just random things I feel I should remember.

1. Live a healthier lifestyle.
-Eat better. (Less sweets and more veggies)
-Exercise a few days a week (Preferably running/walking)
-Stop being lazy (Wasting hours on end on twitter... NO MORE)
-Do yoga every Sunday morning. If possible a few times a week.

I actually proud of myself, today, (which is Sunday) I went to this little yoga place in my town, I signed up and took a class. The class was called Slow Flow and was supposedly for beginners, I however thought differently. Yoga is a lot harder than it looks, I did enjoy it though.

2. Pursue what I want to do. Don't let the fear of others interfere.

In the past, I let others opinions shape what I did and didn't do. This year I will be doing more for myself. I don't mean that in a selfish way, but you can't live off of someone else's happiness. Sometimes you have to do what you want. For instance, I was always afraid to make a blog or a Youtube channel  because I worried if people at my school saw. What would they think? This past year 2012 I grew and let opinions not effect me too much. This year they won't effect me at all.

3. Further educate myself on things I want to continue; like blogging, design, photography, Youtube, etc. Take a class on things I'd love to learn about, cooking, cake decorating, DIY, etc.

I think education is extremely important. When I say that I don't mean pre-calc or chemistry. Personally I'd be happier without having to take those two classes. I think everyone should be educated on things they love to do, it only makes them better.

4. Attend Teen Vogue Fashion University

Like I said before this resolution is more of a goal. Last year I was accepted into Teen Vogue Fashion U, it's basically a big conference that's held for a few days in New Year City. They accept students, 16-20 (something) who are interested in the Fashion world. When you arrive you take a few classes with speakers like Michael Kors, Amy Astley, etc. who teach you about fashion and it's different aspects. Anyways when I recieved my acceptance letter last fall, it got mixed in with my spam mall and I didn't see it until a little bit later. When I tried to register for classes it said that they were all full. :( I was pretty upset but I plan on applying this year and making sure I check my email and spam EVERYDAY! Hopefully I get accepted!

These are my 2013 resolutions, what are yours? I'd love to hear what you chose! :)

-xoxo Lex

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