Jan 20, 2013

Concert Attire

 Concert Attire. This is what I wore to the All Time Low concert a few nights ago. I wanted something pretty light because concerts can get hot, really fast. I wore my Ramones tank from Forever 21, I love how it has the accent of cheetah print with the black and white. I paired this top with high-waisted shorts from Topshop. The cool thing about these shorts are they aren't too high, they fit my waisted perfectly. Underneath, I wore sheer black tights, I thought that was sorta necessary since it is winter. It's kinda hard too see but I'm wearing my black studded combat boots, these are definitely one of my stable pieces, I have wore them to death. For accessories I'm wearing a few different pieces. I'm going to post a blog post soon about accessories I have been loving, which includes a lot of skulls, no surprise. :p Anyways my bracelets are form an assortment of places, Gliks, Windsor, and Claires. I'm also wearing a cross necklace which isn't very visible in the picture, that is from Gliks as well. I wore my leather jacket from Express to the concert, but had to take it off because it got so warm. I felt this outfit was perfect for the All Time Low concert, however I advise you to wear a little more clothes if you know you will be waiting in a line outside, that was my mistake. Layers are always the best choice. :)

I hope you liked my concert apparel post! I'd love to have more themed posts because I feel they could help someone going to a similar occasion. What would you wear to an indoor concert? btw if you would like to hear my concert experience check out my http://lexswonderland.blogspot.com/2013/01/concert.html  post where I explain everything in detail. Thanks<3


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