Mar 12, 2014


Guess who doesn't have school… this girl. Unfortunately, it's because yet away Michigan has received an endless about of snow. However a couple days ago, it actually warmed up to 40 degrees and I figured it was a great day to wear a dress. Although I still froze, I can't complain, 40 is so much better than a 20 degrees which is usually Michigan's normal temp. Enough about the weather, here I'm wearing my mint lace dress from Urban Outfitters. I've actually had this dress for a good two years so I figured why not show it off. Over my dress I'm wear my leather jacket, what a surprise! I think the real question is when am I not wearing this jacket. My accessories include my lovely gold Fossil watch that I received as a Christmas present and my gold plated belt from Asos. For shoes I'm wearing my favorite boots from Vince Camuto. They are really versatile and go with practical everything in my closet. Also if you guys didn't notice from my previous blog post, I cut my hair. I finally decided to hop on the band wagon. I'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair at the moment and figured why not cut my hair short. I think short hair is really chic right now. I especially love ombre in short hair but I might wait until after graduation to make that transition! 


Mar 11, 2014

Black. Leather. Crop. Essential.

 As much as I would like to pretend it's warming up in Michigan, I can't get past the 10 degree weather. It's actually suppose to snow tonight, I don't know where we are going to put it! Although I don't look too cold, trust me I am. Cropped pants and a leather jacket are not "Michigan" winter essentials. But fashion is pain right? haha Anyways in todays OOTD I'm wearing my favorite Express leather jacket. A leather jacket is a must for every girl's closet, it adds just enough edge! Under my jacket I'm wearing a comfy plain white tee, add that to your closet too. I buy my tees from Nordstrom because they wash up really well and aren't too pricey! On to bottoms, I'm wearing these comfy cropped pants from Gliks. I actually got a job at Gliks before winter break and have been working there ever since! My high tops  are from Guess, recently I've found myself wearing them quite a lot.  Lastly sunglasses complete the whole look. This outfit was super simple and comfy yet looks edgy and chic!


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