Apr 8, 2013

Update: Birthday, Canada, and Spring Break

As some may have noticed I've been lacking on posts recently, I do have some explanation for that. The past few weeks I've been surrounded in nonstop busyiness.

-March 20th I drove out to Quebec, Canada with my cast mates and director of the Bullycide Project. The Bullycide project is an amazing performance presentation that helps create further awareness of bullycide. It is an incredibly project that I'm involved in. If you would like to hear more about it visit  http://thebullycideproject.com/  I would also love to do a blog post about this topic, because I think it is something everyone should be fully aware of. I was only in Canada for two days, most of that was spent in the car because it happened to be a 12 hour drive. 10 of those 12 hours we couldn't use our phones because cell service there is really expensive for us Americans :p.

-March 26th Hola! On the 26th I celebrated my 17th birthday. I feel like an old fart hahaa, nothing against old people at all but I just feel like my years are going so fast. Soon I'll be 21 than 30 than 50! On my birthday I chilled with a few of my close friends and later that night went to dinner with my family. It was actually a really awesome birthday for how simple it was.

-March 29th I left for my spring break in Orlando, Fl. Actually to be more accurate Kissimmee, Fl. Kissimmee is right next door to Orlando and is about a 15 minute drive to all the theme parks. I drove down to Florida with my cousin and grandparents. We spent the first 2 days driving and we stopped twice, once in Georgia and then in some random city in Florida. After the first few days we arrived at destination, Orange Lake. I'm going to be posting a blog post about my whole trip with photos once my trip ends!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me! Loved to hear about your busy schedules and trips!

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