Jan 2, 2017


Looking back is an important part of life. Looking at the mistakes, the memories, the chances you took, etc. They make you who you are. Whether 2016 was your year, there are moments that you can look back on and be thankful for. Those good days where you just smiled because everything was going right (finally); and they may have only lasted for a day, but they happened. Maybe it's because I'm riding one of those life highs right now or maybe I'm just an optimistic person, but I like to reflect. Talking about my firsts and favorite moments make me smile ear to ear. So I made a list. Mostly it's for me, a reflection of my year and proof I didn't spend 2016 just watching Netflix and drinking coffee.

Traveled to Europe

Experienced all different cultures, foods, art all around Europe. This is number one because I believe it had the biggest influence in my life. Traveling gives you a whole new perspective

Studied abroad in London

Need I say more? Studying abroad is not only about what you learn in the classroom. 

Was featured in Marie Claire Magazine

Starting the year off right. I was featured in the February issue of Marie Claire. This copy will always have a place on my nightstand.

Attended Camp PINK for College Fashionista

Last summer I was sent by College Fashionista and Victorias Secret PINK to attend Camp PINK in New York. My job; have fun and take lots of Instagrams. 

Guest blogged for Meijer and attended a Meijer Style Event in Grand Rapids

Had the opportunity to blog for Meijer Style throughout 2016. Then was invited to attend an event in Grand Rapids to promote their Fall fashion line. 

Modeled in Threads Fashion Show (As well as ran their Instagram)

Modeled in CMU's very own Threads Fashion show. Pretty self explanatory. Such an awesome experience wearing clothes made by my peers.

Insta-worthy Moments
Went to Lollapalooza

Thank God for music festivals.

Got my first apartment. (with a walk-in closet; lemme tell you it's great.)

Became an Editorial intern for College Fashionista

I write weekly for College Fashionista; last semester I covered beauty

Got my first tattoo

Finally became brave enough to get a tattoo. 

Thanks 2016 for some good memories.

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