Mar 23, 2017

Back Abroad.

I think I might have found my passion... traveling. I know, everyone fancies it but it gives me a rush I can not even explaining. Seeing another culture is exhilarating. I like seeing new things, people, food, art, etc.

I feel like I have been trapped in a bubble my entire life. Although I've traveled around the states going to another country doesn't even seem like you're on the same planet. It's like this whole other part of the world existed, and I didn't know about it.

I've seen photos of the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye, but none of it makes sense until you've seen it in person. And luckily I've been able to do that twice.

Returning to Europe for Spring Break was amazing. (Honestly amazing can not even start to describe my trip.) I started out in Toronto, flew to Iceland, then London, then Paris and lastly Copenhagen.

Follow my Instagram, @thatchiclex, to keep up with my travels. I'm going to be posting a full blog post on everywhere I went as well as my recommendations, so stayed tuned for that.

In the meantime check out my recent travel blog posts with CollegeFashionista...

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