Aug 28, 2012

Lacey Ballerina

 Lacey Ballerina!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been so busy! But I'm back to posting regularly and I'm determined to stay this way. Anyways on my short break I got a hair cut! If you haven't already noticed I got bangs! I took a risk and went for it and now I love them, they are work tho. 

Moving on to the outfit, Lacey Ballerina is a really feminine look with a few edgy details. I love mixing edgy and feminine, it always creates the perfect medium! My top is from Aerie, it is a black vintage lace crop top. My favorite part of this piece is the back. I love how low-cut it is, classy yet sexy. My bottoms is a long royal blue skirt from Forever 21. It is pleated and high-waisted! My accessories are a chain headband I won from BeFreaksApparel contest! You should check her out on instagram! My other accessories are rings from Forever 21 and an adorable skull bracelet from Gliks! Gliks is a store in my hometown, I think they have them everywhere but I'm not positive. They sell name brand stuff like Free People, Billabong, Glamour Kills. Last is my shoes which you probably have seen before in other looks. They are my gladiator sandals from the brand Volcom. 

My makeup is natural, I'm wearing a little bit of bronzer and blush but nothing too over the top. On my lips I'm wearing my new BabyLips (I'm unaware of the name at the moment). My hair is pulled up into a messy topknot. I have a few pieces in the front pulled out to make it look even messier. I also have the head band I talked about earlier in my hair.

Do you like my bangs? Do you like bangs in general? haha I'd love to hear what you guys think about my new look! 

Thanks for reading
xoxo, Lex<3

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