Aug 3, 2012



Cruiser... this look gets its name after the beautiful bike I just bought! I wanted a vintage looking cruiser that had racks on the front and back for a basket! (Which I still need to find.)

Anyways the outfit I put together is great for a more formal summer setting or just everyday. I personally dress up a lot more than the average person so I wore this just as an everyday outfit. My tube top is from Aerie which is a darker blue color and kinda gathers throughout. My skirt is from Urban Outfitters! (I highly suggest looking there for back to school shopping because they are having a huge sale on summer stuff. Which is easily transformable into the fall season.) My necklace is from Aerie, the necklace is pretty much all fringe, awesome for summer and fall! Then last my shoes are from Steve Madden. I've been obsessed with these shoes this season. Even though they aren't the most comfortable. I love the brown leather looking sandal for pretty much every summer outfit.

My makeup is very natural. I just bought a new foundation from Makeup Forever and it makes my face look EVEN all day! I'm wearing a coral blush from Mac... I think pinch me? (I don't remember.) My eyes I wearing a little eye shadow from the Naked 2 palette. I finally caved in and bought it! I'm not wearing any eyeliner just a little dark brown from the palette around my eyes. Mascara is from Clinique, a very natural looking one. My lips I have a bright coral lipstick from Target, pretty sure Loreal.

My hair is natural, it's basically straight with a little wave. It is parted a little off center which I think is gorgeous this summer and for going into fall!

Check out my lookbook and hype my look please! :) It should be located on the side on my blog!

What do you guys think of middle parts? What is your favorite summer hairstyle? :)


  1. Such a cute look!!!! I love middle parts! Your blog is fantastic, can't wait to see more from you!

  2. omg i love how you have a mint coloured bike <3

    1. Thanks! <3 hehe I love it! One of the best purchases I have made!


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