Feb 3, 2013

25 Facts about Me!

Recently I've been really into this blog... http://www.zoella.co.uk :) It has a lot of cute and informative posts on some of my favorite things, fashion, beauty, etc. A few days ago Zoe posted a blogpost on "25 Facts about Me". I thought it would be a cute and quirky blog post so I decided to do the same. Everyone should definitely go check out her blog and Youtube channel, it's addicting :)

25 Facts about Me

 1. I wanna make a difference in the world. I don't know how I plan to do that but I hope I can. I always wanted to be on the TV show Extreme Home Makeover and help build a house for the families in need.

 2. I'm a tab bit obsessed with Two Door Cinema Club. Their music is fabulous.

 3. I can not save money. I always seem to be spending it on food.

 4. In the winter time I spend most of my time curled up next to the heater because I can't handle the cold. It is my worst enemy.

 5. I'm a theater kid, I love the feeling of being on stage. Preforming is always a joy.

 6. I have colored contacts that enhance my eyeballs! Yes, my eyes are naturally green.

 7. Summer is definitely my favorite season.

 8. I used to love the show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was always Donatello, aka the purple mask turtle.

 9. Longboards are super cool and I wish I could ride one but I'm not exactly the most balanced person.

10. I would LOVE to work at Teen Vogue, one day.

11.  I have a love for sea animals and for about half my life I considered becoming a marine biologist. That was until I learned I suck at Science.

12. Children are so darling. I can not wait till I have one or two of my own. (When I'm like 30.)

13. I have always had the urge to learn to surf. One year when I went to Florida, I actually took surfing lessons. Let's just say I wasn't the best... I hope one day I'll be able to go surfing no problem.

14. Dolphins and penguins are probably the best animals known to man-kind. I rode a dolphin once.

15. When I don't know song lyrics, I make up my own... It gets pretty rough.

16. One of my all time favorite movies is Spirited Away... Yes it is amine. Yes it is a kid's movie. It is still wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.

17. I hate gum. It is chewy, sticky, and really digests me.

18. My friends and I are addicted to concerts, there was a year when I went to at least 10. Most of them however were the same bands. The Downtown Fiction, The Summer Set, etc.

19. I'm kinda shy if I really don't know someone, especially if I'm with a group of people.

20. I have senioritis and I'm only a junior. Going to school is seriously a pain to me.

21. I have some of the most vivid dreams, I can still remember one in full detail from when I was 7.

22. I have an old man crush on Robert Downey Jr. Not only his good looks, but his intelligence is extremely attractive.

23. Photography is amazing. I love my camera and enjoy taking photos and videos. Even though most people hate it, I find editing rather fun and get really excited when I learn new tips and tricks.

24. I have always been horrible at spelling... I rely heavily on autocorrect.

25. When I was younger I played every sport possible. (Not all at the same time, lol) Now I don't play a single sport. I was never aggressive enough. I do, do yoga, however, I don't think that counts.

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