Feb 2, 2013

Things I've been loving... My January Favorites

Red lipstick... well sorta. I've been obsessed with my Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet. It is more of an oxblood color than a full on red. I find it perfect for the winter time and it doesn't make me look extremely pale, which is a plus. Another red I have fell in LOVE with recently, is Satin by Mac. I've found that Mac lipsticks are my personal favorites. They have a variety of red colors, Satin, however,  compliments my skin tone the best.

High-waisted shorts with tights... Sounds a little crazy for winter time, but recently I was in Forever 21 and I bought two pairs of the cutest high-waisted shorts. They are on the fancier side but look really nice with a pair of sheer black tights and lace up wedges. I think this trend can be casually as well, wearing a sweater with high-waisted denim shorts and combat boots. I think shorts can give an outfit a chic and trendy look.

Ombre hair... As you all know, well I think from my photos you can tell, I ombred my hair! The first time I got it done it was a little too much blonde for me, so I got it a bit darker and made the blonde a little subtler. (is subtler even a word? It looks rather funny.) Anyways I'm really enjoying my new locks and I think they will be perfect for the spring and summer. I feel like it makes my hair have more texture and a boho vibe.

Skulls... This is surprising, NOT! I feel like anything with skulls is my new love. Recently I just bought a few skull items, a circle scarf off Etsy. It kind of reminds me of the Alexander McQueen skull scarf, but it didn't cost nearly that much. Another purchase is this adorable blue skull bracelet from Claires. Normally, I rarely shop at Claires, I find most of their items are cheap or childish, but I was pleasantly surprised when I went in the store the other day and found this lovely bracelet for only 6$. I was also rather heavy and seemed like an expensive material. Something I've had my eyes on for a while are these gorgeous black leggings with skulls on the knees, I think they are effortfully adorable and would spice up an outfit. Unfortunately I'm low on funds at the moment, so I'm going to have to save up for those.

These 4 things, I found myself loving for all of January. I have a feeling that love will continue throughout the next few months. I'd love to hear what your January favorites were, be sure to comment below!


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