Dec 8, 2012

The Wait is On.

Hey everyone:) I miss posting so much! I'm so much happier when I'm posting on my blog or Lookbook, I feel much more accomplished. Anyways my look I'm featuring is, The Wait is On. I wore this when I went out with a few of my friends. My top is a t-shirt I found at Forever 21 which is tucked into my pleated oxblood skirt also from Forever 21. Recently I've been obsessed with that place, I've found myself buying a lot of on trend things for real cheap. Oh by the way, oxblood and maroon are wonderful as well. I know oxblood is constantly a trend for fall and winter but I've really gotten into it this year... you should see my closet its filled with the color. You'll understand once you see my next few looks. Anyways back to my outfit, my leather jacket is from Express and so is my hat. I'm also wearing sheer tights with my studded combat boots.

If you didn't notice, yes I got bangs! And I love them! They are a pain most of the time but I think they really fit me. Right now they are really grown out so I've been wearing them as a side bang... which I also really like. I feel like I also constantly want my hair to be different, so having bangs lets me style it differently each day. Another thing is I'm really looking into ombre hair. I've seen a few beauty gurus with it and it looks really awesome on them. Comment your thoughts on ombre, I'd love to hear what you guys think:)

xoxo Lex<3

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